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just fitted stage 2 fuel pump |PLS| fse valve |PLS|the car does not seem 2 go as well as b4 can fittin these change the per4mance of the car in any way or is it just in my seems better on low revs but seems 2 hesitate on high just does not pull as strong as b4 HELP!!!!!!! ps nothin as been set up yet

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Errr, quite possibly. Fitting a higher flow fuel pump and not adjusting the
fuel map (by mapping the ECU or using an AFC) will richen the mixture.
An overly rich mixture will rob you of power; infact a mate
on the supra site nearly lost an engine due to running too rich after a
rogue tuning company f11cked up the mapping of his fuel computer !
An ultra rich mixture washes oil from the bores.....ouch...!

Even worse, the parts may not have been fitted correctly and you now
have a lean mixture.....only way you'll find out is by taking your
car to a rolling road centre and get your mixture checked....ASAP.

Just to give you an example, my car ran 336bhp with an a/f of 12.1,
then we richened it up a little to 11.5 and it ran 332bhp.


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cheers justin i was under the impression lean woz bad |PLS|rich woz ok just goes 2 show !! best get it set up thanks m8

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A lean mixture on a turbo'd car is VERY VERY bad indeed !

A rich mixture loses power; also reduces combustion temps ( a very good thing );
and a lot of high performance turbo'd motors are deliberately set to run a little rich
by the manufacturers purely for that reason. We left my evo at a/f 11.5:1 , just
a little on the rich side for safety; when it was standard a/f was 12.1:1 .

I think my mate who had bore wash had an a/f of 8:1 , it was blowing out
loads of smoke, stank of petrol and was way down on power !

And he was charged a fortune to get it like

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