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Scottish RSOC Knockhill Ttack Day - Vids

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Well, after Finally getting my car sorted for my Nurburgring trip - tomorrow! - I took it along to the Ford RS Owners' Club meet at Knockhill on Sunday.

Was trying out new tyres and new boost controller and Unichip - running 1.1 bar dropping to 0.9 bar for safety until I can get the map rechecked (207bhp ATW at AVA on Saturday).

Matched my lap record of 63s on road tyres and had great fun pestering faster cars through the twisties :D :coolsm:

Cheers :)


Vid 1 25MB

Vid 2 24MB

Vid 3 30MB
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Nice clips Rog!

The two Porsches sounded great and it was nice to see some Mk1 & Mk2 Escorts getting the back end out :)
The Admiral said:
My video skills are improving quicker than my lap times, though ;) :crackup:

Off to the Nurburgring tomorrow with a 964C4, 996C4S and Impreza STi8 PPP - all with straight through pipes :D :coolsm:

Cheers :)
Have a good trip!

I'm looking forward to the vid clips and write up :D
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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