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Right folks, after the apathy shown by AVA at the weekend and their canny-be-bothered attitude, I've organised the 12th August at Star Performance. These guys have not let us down in the past and always welcome us back.
There are limited spaces available as interested groups are SIDC, Skyline Register and ourselves.

It is strictly first come first served. Initial e-mail will secure place but I will be looking for advance payment before the event to confirm your intention, as some kind chaps didn't turn up last time and others lost out.


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Star have upgraded their RR equipment. They can now plot your boost pressure to show on your printed graph along with BHP, torque..etc This should prove useful as proved at the last days, cars down on power were traced to boost problems. Now you will see what it is doing.
I am also trying to get hold of the Jap Performance Mag, to see if they are interested in coming to an actual running RR day. As of yet all I get is their answering machine.:rolleyes: I'll keep trying.

There are still about eight spaces left, so let me know if you wish to attend.


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