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sard regulator

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in short, how does one go about fitting a sard fuel pressure regulator to a viii/ix and what sort of setting up if any does it require.

also where is the best place to buy one

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Famous steveyb said:
you could pm moses on this site, he had some up for sale a few weeks back ;)
thanks mate when it comes to fitting them, speak to mark shead :D please aka madevelopments and [email protected] i aint too technical :D
Famous steveyb said:
I meant about the best place to buy one and was just about to put up this thread :crackup:
thanks bros u gave me a fright just in case he pm me for advice how to fit it :crackup: i said oh **** better stop that from happening :D

cheers bros i appreciate it :beerchug:
Famous steveyb said:
:crackup: :crackup: :moon: :crackup:

no worries m8 :beerchug:

just file this under my file marked 'DISCOUNT' ;) :blush:
haha no worries bud will do :D haha u nutter, u crack me up, cheers :D
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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