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HEEEEEELLLLLLPPP i have been desperate to find out more about the RWYB meet at santa Pod on 14/10/01..will definately be there, what happens on the day? Is this just cars because my buddy wants to take his motorcycle for a frap up the other mate wants to run his 1947 austin 7 ruby. recons its record beater(slowest). Some more info of who, how what why bla bla. all useless info appreciated as this will be my first thingy.
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Rob VI

RWYB means Run What You Brung, so I would assume you could take anything up the strip.
I think Simon is the man to ask as I think he has done quite a few of these runs.
well simon ,

how about a little inspiration?
Easy mate,
Just turn up witha tenner and amp; driving license. Please race anything against anything! Get their early to avoid the big queues.
does it encompass bikes too?
Is anyone else planning on going to this, I think I might head along as I only live in Cambridge, willing to meet up with other E6 owners although I don't think I'll be on the strip

ok so I should have read the next thread, silly me :)

Sorry I haven't been around, its been busy at work at i can't always get online with my boss sitting behind me.

Santa Pod RYWB days are free for alls, anything from full nitro dragsters to a moped.

It costs £8 per person for entry to the track and a further £10 per car for unlimited 1/4 mile runs, each with their own timeslip printout. You must have your driving licence with you so you can register it, otherwise they will not let you race.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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