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just bought a evo 4,wondering the car can safely boost until how many bar

current running on 1.2bar

current mods

hks 272 cams
hks valve spring
hks adjustable cam pulley
hks induction piping with blitz sus filter
hks ssqv
trust 38mm external watesgate
3 inch downpipe
3.5 inch piping exhaust piping with hks super dragger mufffler
power enterprise 1.2mm metal head gasket
power enterprise timing belt
fse fuel regulator

other than that all stock including ecu,fuel pump and injector

sorry for my bad english

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If i were you id get a fuel pump asap. Injectors...maybe... look at fitting some e6 ones but this depends on how far you wanna go...

Suprised your not hitting fuel cut being on a standard ecu.

Get it sorted and get it on the rollers. Look at fitting a ralliart ecu..this unit will see you running 1.4bar with no fuel cut ;)
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