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Sabatical for Charity work

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OK, I seem to be in crises mode in my life at the moment. I am bored of my current job and am in the process of looking for other opportunities.

In the meantime I need to feel good about myself and have decided that I want to do some work for an overseas charity.

I intend to take time off work to achieve this aim and am now looking for the right charity to try and get involved in.

I can't spend too much time away due to missing my own daughter, however the work I am interested in is definately child related.

The obvious ones are where children suffer from Aids, are orphans or the recent Tsunami disaster.

Does anyone know how I can get involved in helping that involves direct action (ie, not donating money or cash collecting on the streets).

I guess I am looking to do some teaching (I currently train adults in Investment banking - although I doubt there is a need for that) or some re building work.... even though I know naff all about building...... B&Q brings me out in a cold sweat :D

Any suggestions
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I work with a guy who runs a charity to help Romanian orphans. I could pass your details onto him if you like.
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