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Hi Chunky its me Biggy-small,
The RS ive got is in the same way how an RS evo it to an evo to your GSR. It is
very basic no electric windows, central locking, or ABS. It does however have the
ability to say with an impreza from 60 to 120mph in 5th gear. It does have crap seats
that make you sweat and in the summer the heat coming from the transmission tunnel
via the exhaust is going to be a killer. So far ive not meet a car that meet it
performance not even the elise can get rid of me even on the twisty bits in the end he
gave up. Not that i race but its alaways nice to show who boss.
As far as i known its not been played with ive put on a mono steering wheel and
gearshift. the ICE it standard with my CD player. I worry if i put anything expenisve
in the car will then develop a major fault and i won'y be able to afford to get it
repaired. The next thing i'm going to get doen it the traking, the car came with new
tyres which are yokohama which are seem to be lasting, but they don't half make a
noise when you push them a bit. I would really like to try it out against an evo as i
known it not that powerful but for £5500 i'm not moaning.
The thing to make it look the dogs ******** would be a big set of wheels however
that would require a big bank account, which i dont have.
Do you fond that it pulls on the sterring quiet a bit and that it won't idle smoothly. My
air-con dosn't seem to want to work anymore, but its not like it get hot here in
Cheers Al
PS does the car have an AYC as it seems to go into a corner and then the backend
will move round with you, not slide but follow it you known what i mean.
Chunky your e-mail does not work.

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Im away (no im not chicken) but the next track day i will be there. I suppose id better join the club.

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Croft is not a LTR day so what is it, what do u drive scott and if tis an Evo im not racing you as im sure it a monster!!
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