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Round two................

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We'll after a kicking in the first leg, lets hope me Bayern Munchen can turn it around :D

Bayern :angel:
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Steel said:
:D ;)
Steel said:
I was at Stamford Bridge for the first leg. Left two minutes before the end and missed the penalty. I think at 4-1 the tie was over but 4-2 is a different story. An early goal from Chelsea could settle it. Let's hope that they don't sit back on their 2 goal lead and try to keep a clean sheet.
I was at Chelsea for the European Cup in 2000 when we beat Barcelona 3-1. We lost 5-1 in the away leg
Think this Chelsea team has something different about the. They paly very much as a team.

I hoep they do try to defend their lead as Bayern will come at them from the start. We will be a different team tonight, hopefully getting two quick goals.

It is a hard tie though :(

I was also at the 1st leg mate- in the away end off course ;)
This is all hope, realistically I think Chelsea will sneak through but being an FCB fan, I'm praying that we win :)

With a few transfers in the pipeline, I think Bayern will be a better force next year at their new Allianz Stadion "built for the WC" :)

Come on Bayern :angel:
AAAHH ******** :( :cry:

Talk about luck :rolleyes:

1st round Chelsea deserved their result, this game they were bloody lucky- in fairness though, you need luck to win a cup like this as well. If they can dump Barca & us, who's gonna stop them
Richie Russ said:
AC Milan.
They are no better than Barca IMHO ;)
moses said:
well done to chelski, they let their guard down and bayern got 2 silly goals but still at least they won :cool: mourinhos boys march on
Slattered them for 90% of the game mate ;)

Chelsea got a lucky oal & a goal well & trully against the run of play. Kahn did make a couple of good saves but in the main, Chelsea were camped well & trully in their own half.

We hit the bar, Godlonsen cleared off the line, Ballack missed a sitter, Sweisteiger missed what would have been a great goal and the list goes on. Ze Roberto took Huth to the cleaners "the big huddy" ;)

Good luck to them though ;)
Richie Russ said:
I hope your right matey, but any team that beats Man Utd i give respect to, big up Norwich City !! and still the only team to beat Munich in their own back yard !
True mat, very true ;)

They were great tussles, Man U Vs Bayrn
moses said:
chelsea rock sunshine :D

ballack is good though, he dont look german he is too dark and not blonde to be german :lol:
They lookimpressive mate- but thought Bayern deserved their win mate.

I can blend in with my blonde hair & blue eyes :D

Gute Nacht
moses said:
lol u are a ginger fecker :crackup:

gute nacht bud :D
Blonde mate, "BLONDE" :crackup:
moses said:
lol i saw your pic in the fast and modified man u are truly a ginger and not even a strawberry blonde :crackup:
You blund :crackup: :crackup:
moses said:
lol i saw your pic in the fast and modified man u are truly a ginger and not even a strawberry blonde :crackup:
Must be a bad light :D
moses said:
a ginger club for u :D

but i do luv redhead woman their the most awesome but ginger are :blah:
True, :crackup: :crackup:
moses said:
lol i will check again bud :D
We'll see, if you wid stop dain things tae yar motar ye wid get along tae a meet :D ;)
that way you wid see am no ginger :D :crackup:
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