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Ross Sport Open Day - Sunday 7th May

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We will have having and open day / Evo meet Sunday 7th May.

We look forward to welcoming any MLR members that can make it.

The MLR (although quieter these days) has a big place in my heart, and all the help Darin gave me in the early days starting out. Many great memories of MLR Events!!

Please can anyone planning to come reply "I'm in" below, so we can get an idea on numbers. :)



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Hi I intend to come along, looking forward to meeting some other Evo owners, my learning curve has been steep to date!!!!
still hoping to make it, , , damm car is at the workshop again, oil leak this time !!!! OH THE JOYS OF OWNING AN EVO!
My car is fixed, , , , simple torque to the oil pan !!!! I will be there !!!! wooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hi Guys, as i am new to the Evo scene, i will have some alloys questions !!!! what can i fit to my car,, 18 inch but what width, ET and related tyre sizes??? 265 or even 275 fit without rubbing and or without the need for rolling the arches? hope you can help me? car is running standard alloys and suspension at the moment
1 - 4 of 14 Posts