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Hello MLR Crew,

Hope everyone is well.
Many thanks for all your support over the last year, it really has been appreciated! We know its been a very hard time for some.
Hopefully its all coming to an end and we can get out using our cars more!

As normal we have the Black Friday sale running on our website this weekend.

The structure is same as normal:

    • Go to
    • Pick any bits you fancy
    • Add to basket
    • Enter in the Promo Box - BLACK20 to show the available discount on your order.
Offer will end 00.00 Monday 30th November

Discount varies from 1-30% depending on what we have managed to negotiate with that brand/ supplier.

We have quite a few brands now so its a long list! But happy to email the brand / discount structure out to anyone that would like to see it.
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