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how many ways can i put it ,
rolling roads are brilliant................for before and after figures.
Until i get a portable co2 measuring device,i will use a rolling road to set my car up.........after that,i doubt it.
BUT,i have EGT,BOOST,FUEL PRESSURE,OIL AND WATER TEMP,OIL PRESSURE guages in the car,and the use of a MUT.
How would you suggest i set it up WITHOUT these instruments ??
This is more relevent,as most cars only have a boost guage.
Dearest Barry,Blade,Simon.
As it seems there is the possibility of P.E.,s rollers being pessimistic,
Would it be ok with you if i boldly claim OVER 400 BRAKE MATE !
Please reply quickly,as if so i will arrange a babysitter and go to a pub
thank you very much
your dear friend ,

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I don't mind what you say your car produces. All I know is respect is due because, by all accounts, your car IS the daddy! Maybe, more importantly, is you did it yoursef. Most of the rest of us on this forum aren't tuners, we get other people to do it for us and take their recommendations. Respect is due because not only have you done it yourself, but you seem to have done it better. But I doubt you needed a RR to tell you that;)

You must laugh at all of us discussing whether we are going to get an RC stage 3, PE this or Ralliart that! And I don't blame you.


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Here here - big respect to MC CUSTARD.

P.S and amp;gt; Wasn't there a tv programme called custard the cat??

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cannot take the credit
owe R.C Devs for the choice of cams,and specific technical info on occasion........very very helpfull people.
and i have already stated that the P.E. ecu released a lot of the top end power,
And i suspect the mak gsr 15 turbo has something to do with it......still searching for info !
Barny has carried out the work,to the highest standard. And although we have no secrets, i will say attention to detail pays dividends.
Between us,we have spent hours road testing and logging , reading,asking and tried most things at least twice.
My only stipulations have ever been, it must drive normally when necessary,and it does.
i dont know how much ive spent,but if something looks promising,we try it,rather than talk about trying it !

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Wasn't there a tv programme called custard the cat??

The TV Programme was called Rhubarb (the dog) and custard the cat was just his mate (but the real star of the show IMHO)

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