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For those who attended the Shoot-out at Tuning Japanese.
The results are now available border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > Go to use the results link at the bottom of the rollers page.

[email protected]

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Nice! I like the boost curve added to the plot, something we didn't have at Star border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Interesting also to compare the graphs produced at Tuning Japanese and Star (and Well Lane if anybody's got one). Star didn't bother connecting up the exhaust gas temp. probes and boost gauge unless a car looked like it had a problem and Jim at Star changed the 'Air Temperature' figure to 40oC - he said this produces more accurate figures as it more closely matches the actual intake temp of a turbocharged engine.

How would this difference in temp. affect the calculated bhp figure?

In addition it looks like the old 'can't compare different rolling roads' thing stands, my GSR and H15 RPA have apparently different gearing! My max. hp was produced at [email protected], his was [email protected] Could wheels/tyres account for this?

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You at last got the motor on a rolling road , it s interesting how figures differ,
I think your right the 17 inch alloys on my car would probably mean some loss in
mph . ( I love having 17 s on it though , i think it s worth it )
PTS figures compared to Tuning Japanese were miles apart , as I have mentioned before
they had the car max power at 5,411rpm (87.5 mph) 245bhp compared to 210bhp at Tuning
japanese. The set up at pts didn t seem to be as good as tuning japanese , and they
didn t seem to change the rollers set up for the different wheel base.The curves don t
even look the same. Although the torque curve looks similar except for the small difference of some 57 lbft !!!!!!!!!!!!! .
I may take it too ma developments to get a final decider .
cheers Richard...

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These results are really nice but it would be cool if they could be matched with each car details as mileage and modifications.

For example there is an evo with 263bhp and the graphic says evo vi hks turbo kit!
What are the mods on the 357bhp evo vi?

Any chance to have a complete list?

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At well iffy rolling rd ,2 people sat in the boot to gain traction.
It may be a suggestion to get 2 people in the boot at all rolling rd gigs.
As an E6 pushing 263 bhp isnt all that convincing.
Tyres were a big instance.
some tyres arched when running at 6500rpm,so basically ,whether the tyre pressures make a difference on the rollers ? this then questions traction on the road .300 horses running through tyres that aren't adhering .SPIN OUTS/power slides.
No traction ,No grip.


Paul s
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