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I'm thinking of running a rolling road event on SATURDAY 17th NOVEMBER -
limited to a maximum of 15 cars it will be at a new venue in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
The cost will be £30 - £40 per car.


e-mail me on

[email protected]

Trevor :)

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I'm free for then, whats the venue ?

For the increased price I presume it may be a better day than at Well Lane where they jammed you on the rollers, fecked around getting the rollers at the wrong distances for the wheels and then did 1 power run whilst the wheels spun on freezing, icy-cold rollers ?

IE: they may have some useful advice if a car doesn't perform as well as it should :D


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I will come and play on that day, may spend money i dont have on a new fuel pump just to be on the safe side.

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Al - u changed your e-mail address ????? having probs getting through to you.


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Hi there!

I will be coming along!! do u have any directions for the place??


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MLR Rolling Road day – Saturday 17th November 2001

The day is fully booked but onlookers are more than welcome :-

John Noble Motorsport
Chatsworth Business Park
Chatsworth Road


Al RS 1800 Turbo
Trevor E1
Tony E1
Leon E4
Jason E4
Stuart E5
Ian E5
Peter E6
Hayden E6
Franco E6
Rob E6
Mike Ward E6
Paul and amp; Teri Pajero Evo

Suggest you bring flask / something to eat, although there are some shops nearby where you should be able to purchase something.

Any questions ring me on 07929 019 006

See you there - Trevor :) :) :)

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pugsy, any chance you could post directions or a map on this thread?
I only live down the road so I'll try and pop over to see everyone etc...



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There is a map and directions on the John Noble website (link posted in the mail above)


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Just a quickie to say thanks Trevor for organising this, had a great time, and really pleased with the performance of the Paj Evo on the rollers! Really strange standing next to your car going nowhere while it does 131mph!!!

Will look forward to the next one next year as we will have had another mod done by then!


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Details of the rolling road day at John Noble Motorsport - everbody thought the figures were there or there abouts and a good day was had by all - we will probably return March / April next year.

Owner / Model / BHP / lb /ft

Paul and amp; Teri Pajero Evo 281 / 225
Alaister 1800 RS 203 / 204
Tony E1 216 / 200
Trevor E1 236.5 / 233
Leon E4 271 / 225
Mike E6 281 / 243
Rob E6 288.5 / 267
Franco E6 319.5 / 260
Geoff E4 269.5 / 250
Jason E4 280 / 256
* It should be noted that Jason's car was running on low boost
and needs to go back to Motec for attention

Ian E5 347 / 333
Jeff E4 266 / 236
Barry E6 TM 313 / 290

Thanks to all who attended and the staff at John Noble for making it an enjoyable event.

Trevor - MLR Events Co-ordinator

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...and I'd blown a baffle out of the exhaust before going. :D

Anyway, once I get some pictures together from the day I intend to do a quickie article for the club mag.

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