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pros - incredibly increasing in stiffness (car, not driver :D) Major difference to body control, less tyre wear as a result. Car moves in one piece - thru improved torsional rigidity.

cons - forget use of the rear seats, tricky to get in and out too because of the door bars, rear view mirror interferes with the screen hoop, can't have sunshades (need a sunstrip instead) - headlining must come out. err, oh, adds weight (approx 50kgs) so you need to take that out of the car!

If you get one, makes sure you get a harness bar - better than bolting to the floor IMHO.

costs - about £500 for the cage, and the same to fit it probably, depending on how much you prep and how good you want the insides.

If you want the rear, there is a trick cage that co-ord do that allows the rear to still be used (it is a half cage). That and the lower cusco braces, and strut braces, ought to do the trick.


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Depends what type of roll cage you choose.

I have a roll cage in one car that will only sit the driver but the other car has one that I can put 5 people in it.

It adds a solid thunk as you close the door .
And as soon as you start driving it , you can really feel it .
It will also show up any problems in the suspension or bushings.

I think a roll cage is an excellent investment , for an improvement in handling and most of all for safety.
I put a rollcage in my diesel truck because I feel safer in it.
I know that if I roll or get hit from the side , I will survive and my family will too.

Robert VanLane
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