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Not having much luck shifting the Evo x so just putting this out there to see if I get any interest

Car mileage is 32k..

The rod job was done July 2012 receipt doesn't show mileage on when it was done but I'd say not to much consider the car is 08 and it's only covered 32k

Full engine ready to drop in
Rod Job by Indigo GT
BW I beams
Cosworth Head Gasket
ARP rod bolts
Cosworth Studs
New timing chain also done
Stock Cylinder Head
£5000 without Exhaust manifold and turbo £5500 with

Next up is an SST Gearbox
I believe this to be the new style with larger oil chambers I can give the reg plate of the car if anyone wants to check with Mitsi dealer..

I need to have a buyer for both before I let them go. Then I will break the rest of the car..
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