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Rocking sound

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Can any one help?

I am hearing a rocking sound from the front left side of the car when I am turning right and when I checked with the car sales man, he said it was the bushes, is he telling the truth? I only have a three months warranty with him.

Also at the same location, the brake disc seems to be making some noise too.

All advice will be seriously follow up.

thank you
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I had a similar problem with my Evo5

After much investigation it was found to be a faulty oil seal in the front damper causing a clunk when turning and some slight judder.

When the car was jacked up, the weight of the wheel pulled the damper down allowing oil back past the seal, and the noise stopped for a couple of hundred meters or so.

A replacement damper fixed the problem, also under warrenty.
well sometimes it is a simple thing like the dealer who supplied the car didn't take the rubber grommets out from the suspension. This causes clunking and also makes the car sit higher. This has happened to someone I know so I hope this info helps.The grommets are only supposed to stay in during the shipping period.
thanks for all the information, will check them out.
Sounds to me like your KYB (weak and under designed)struts are on their way out. If you disassemble your strut you will probably find that the upper bushing on the cartridge is worn letting the strut flex. This in my case was the source of the noise.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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