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My Results from WRC Tech yesterday
Some of you might remember my posts on here a few days ago.. I was going to get a ecutek remap..

First of all Let me just say what top lads they are down at WRC.. they really know there stuff and it was well worth going all that way down there from Runcorn.
Meant leaving at 6am yesterday.. arrived about 9ish.. left at nearly 8pm - all day waiting for the car but worth it.

I got a power run first to see how powerful the car was.. for those of you who didn't read the thread I will just let you know what mods I already had on my evo 6 GSR

HKS Power flow, HKS Superdragger but only rear can remaining - RC down pipe, RC centre section and de-cat.
Apexi Twin Chamber dump valve, Apexi AVC-R + Apexi SFC, fuel pump and fuel regulator..running 1.4 bar boost.
It came out at 274 at the wheels - which WRC said is bang on 360bhp at the flywheel and 330 pounds of torque... which I was well chuffed with anyway..
They advised me to get the remap and also an massive APS intercooler.. which took hours and hours to fit cause of the front bumper.. but they got it back on and it looks really good..
After a neally a full tank of optimax and hours on the rollers my car came out with 285bhp at the wheels which is 375 bhp at the flywheel.. and just over 350 pounds of torque..
Not bad for the mods !! They also said if I change the foam on the filter (bit old) it would make an instant 10 bhp - I will be doing this next day off work..its only £25.

The extra power from the work they done is only half the story the car is smoother and much nicer to drive.. but also so much faster it seems to pull and pull especially noticable at motorway speeds.. its like a rocket now. I can't recommend the lads at WRC tech enough they are the boys..
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