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Restoration Queries, parts removal etc

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So in the middle of stripping the under side of the evo and have hit a few snags.

1. Brake lines - how th ehell do you remove them without rounding the heads ?! Ive used every combination of flared spanners, mole grips, vice grips , litres of WD40, heat etc and they keep rounding. Need to replace the front lines now cause of it, and still need to disconnect the rears , and center section. Their not even rusty!

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2. Clip removals

How do I get to come of the clips without breaking them, or can these be got new still ? Cant get anything on them as hidden sections sometimes
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All you can do with the brake pipes is what you have done, I've never failed to get one off with some heat and mole grips eventually but then like you say the pipe generally has to be replaced. Yours look very clean and can't see any reason why they wouldn't undo with a spanner 馃. Be careful as if you get it too hot the hoses sometimes blow out from the ferrel if they are to close to the union.

As for the clips sometimes a proper trim removal tool can remove them well but when you can't get to them to squeeze the tabs on the back it's luck whether they break or not.

Car looks very clean and tidy, good luck 馃憤馃徏
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Heats the one that's worked for me, especially on the union that joins to the brake hose. They get extra crusty if the cars been through a few salty winters.
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