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If a factory ECU decided to shuffle off it's mortal coil, how cost effective do you think fitting an aftermarket system (MoTeC etc.) instead of an OEM unit would be once the performance benefits were considered?

I'm assuming that a replacement factory item would be £600-£1000 yes? I know that aftermarket systems start at the upper end of this scale but are these stand-alone systems or do they require the factory unit to take care of minor functions like A/C? What would the cheapest standalone system be? I realise that setting up a new ECU takes time and money aswell, just humour me OK? :)

Please note that my ECU is just f!ne, this is all just hypothetical!

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Just watch out for those ecu capacitors as chronicled on all the DSM sites.

They do leak. E39VR4's, GSR's, 1's, 2's and 3's will probably all be affected as time goes by.

New ecu's were going half price in the Coordsport sale last year.
Should be a few factory ones available with all the aftermarket replacements.

Cheapest would be Link and DTA. Also some more US ones appearing (AEM etc.)

Not too hard to DIY. Reckon you could do it for under a grand.
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