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My front discs are warped...whoopee I hear you say.

Due to the cost of a complete upgrade to AP, Movit....etc. I'll probably go for either the AP replacement discs or CTF.

I have spent about an hour shuffling through the search engine and my heads burst.

Has any one had the AP replacement two piece fitted? What is your opinion on them. I've read only good things about the CTF and they will probably get the nod, especially if I see Sams at Knockhill this week ;)

Has anyone got the Godspeed discs fitted. They seem a resonable price, although as with all things on a BBS, with a few negative comments it certainly makes you think twice.

What about the Dragon discs? IIRC they were up to mark 3 and everyone seemed happy with them. Is this still the case??

Not a lot more been mentioned about the upgrade option via brembo, my dealer does not know anything about this. Not really surprised at that tho'

I'm running slightly warped OEM discs with OEM pads at Knockhill this Thursday....should be interesting. I fear a lot of engine braking to come.


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Like you say John, there's been plenty said on this subject. Here's my 2p worth.

Just had today fitted the AP 6 pot 330mm fronts with drilled discs. I have to say they look the dogs b*****x. As for performance, too early to say but I havn't heard very many negative reports. As far as other discs go, the discs that the AP replaced were the Dragon Mk3's. They lasted about 6000 miles and two trackdays so they did fair better than others I had tried. But they did suffer badly from cracks appearing from the drilled holes. I had also in the past tried Pagid grooved and Group N discs as well as 2 sets of standard discs. That's 4 sets in 24000 miles. What a joke eh?

Anyway, hope that helps a bit.

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It does seem very confusing but, if I were you, I would go for the CTF disks if you can get them. If Claudius/ Froggie cannot warp them, they must be bullet proof.

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From a recent discussion i was involved in at The Big One, it would seem that all thew two peice disc sets warp apart from the CTF oes, which i`ll be upgrading to once i get a few other bits and bats sorted fiirst :) Timspeed is back at the weekend, so might be worth sending him an e-mail reguarding a mini group buy .


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I've dropped Tim an email. Hopefully this will come off and I'll be able to stop the bugger.

I'm sure Sam will fill me in on the performance at knochill this week. I just need to remember to brake earlier, or he will be slowing the two of us down.


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it is ok john

i will make sure you are well clear by this point border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >.

on serious note though, if they pass my track test then they are worth every penny :D, if they don;t just get hte aps :( because nothing else well. knockhill is a very brake heavy circuit really.


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Hi Larry boy

CTF stands for Center Techno Freno, which means something like Tech Brake Center in Italian language. CTF are the Italian importer for Project Mu products, which are the ULTIMATE in braking. CTF are just stupid Italian metal brake discs with a separate aluminium bell, which has 2 advantages: the disc doesnt warp because of the heat dissipation and you can change the disc and keep the bell once the disc is used.

You can take a look at the products on

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After doing Knockhill tracknight tonight the OEM discs have more wobble than Jordan.

Sam kindly offered to demonstrate his CTF discs, which left me very impressed at the lack of fade and very good stopping power, lap after lap after lap. Although he did have me holding onto the door a bit tightly at times and amp;lt;stop giggling at the back !! and amp;gt;

These are a definite buy as the OEMs are nothing short of goosed.

Is anyone considering a mini group buy (Timspeed?!).

The trackday bug has bitten and its time to get the car sorted.
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