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It is clear to me now that the only way to get Ian's attention is to mail publicly on the MLR asking to answer to privately sent mails.


I just received Ian's answer on my email to him regarding the fact that my warped and skimmed Godspeed discs (had to do something as I got no reply for a week on my emails to Ian), (as probably is known, Ian didn't feel obliged to warrantee this) are warping again!!!

I asked for the price of the separate discs, as one of the points of buying these is that it should be cheap to replace only the discs and re-use the bells.
Ofcoarse Ian still doesn't feel any need to make a gesture to someone (me) having such bad experience with his product.

I got the quote: The cost of the discs are £150 each , you can use the bolts again but
the nuts need replacing , I will send some Free of charge GEESH what a great gesture from Ian!!

So as the price of the discs is 2/3 of the total price of the bell/disc assembly it is rediculous to state replacing the discs only to be cheap.

I have had it with Godspeed and will recommend to anyone not to buy this product as customer service is terrible if something goes wrong, and price wise you are put on the wrong track too as replacement parts aren't cheap!

I will probably trash this garbage discs as that is the only thing left to do as Ian will not get a cent from me.
I replaced the Godspeed trash with upgraded Brembo discs that cost 1/4 of the Godspeed set, and have proven themselves on rallycars to be warp-free, and even if they should eventually warp, I will gladly replace them at this price (I can use 4 sets of these for the same price of 1 Godspeed rubbish).

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I am closing this thread. Yet again we cover the same ground again and I can see no point in going over and over the rights and wrongs of your dispute with Godspeed. You have been given the opportunity, yet again, to air your views and I hope will now take this totally off forum.

Simon Nelson
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