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Anybody done this?
Is it safe? I have heard massive power gains are to be had from removing this device.


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Everyones done this !! seems pretty safe as long as car doesn,t have too many mods.quite a surge in extra boost,but I was warned that if above max boost for car ,then watch the top or bottom end drop out.
I have mine out ,but need a boost guage to see exactly what psi its running.
Some guys have had neg results.
Blitz e-mailed me back to say that if I had the restrictor removed then my car wouldn't benifit from there exchange ecu replacement.
As well as having SS exhaust, air filter and dump valve.
But it does have an effect.


Paul s

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hi Shorty - you seem to know what you are talking about please would you translate your last reply for me. I'm a bit slow.

watch the top or bottom end drop out ???- drop out sound you mean power loss?

but need a boost guage to see exactly what psi its running- - what control do you have ? my last car had HKS control and amp; you dial in the boost you want - the evo doesn't let me know anything at all - never mind boost.

Im running a VI GSR with mod suspension / wheels and 2.75 st.steel exhaust - incl decat and amp; down pipes. The exhaust made a HAYOOGE diference
(thankx for advice you guys all gave)
so should I do the air restrictor - And As adrian asked what / where is it?

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