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First let me say it isn't my intention to make things difficult for you, and I very much appreciate the people putting their private time into operating this register, however....

I fail to see why you decided to close my topics on Godspeed.

Yes... you are right that things seem to go in circles but I don't see anything improper happening. I don't think I have insulted anyone, I have been honest all the way I think, haven't I?.
I think ifo made available here is of relevance to other Evo owners.

Yes I seem to keep repeating myself, but the biggest problem I'm having with Godspeed's guarantee is that nowhere is stated that there are limiting conditions, not on their website where it is clearly stated: All of our discs come with a 12 month guarantee against warping .

I still dont see a remark made there: before buying, please read our warranty conditions .

Is it so unreal to expect a company to live up to their statements if someone was unaware/couldn't have known of any limitations?

So it seems I was lead to believe a more extensive guarantee existed on these items than applied in reality, this is very clear now.

A decent company in my opinion would say: OK we haven't made our conditions completely clear to potential buyers, so we will make an exeption in this case as you couldn't know, and we will now make our conditions clearly visible for any future buyers to avoid this happening in the future.
However the conditions are still nowhere to be found.

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As a moderator I just want to record my support for Colin's actions. I had actually drafted a mail to the other moderators to see if they agreed with the need for closing the thread but Colin beat me to it! I had suggested in one post that this should be taken off buletin, but you didn't take the hint!

I think that both parties have taken advantage of the forum to give their side of the story. I can see very little extra to be gained by keeping it going. Colin did not delete the thread, so people can see what was happening. In fact, the above post is yet another reason to show that Colin was right I would again suggest that if you still have a grievance, you should take it off forum.

Simon Nelson

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Re:Remark to Colin (moderator) on closing

Totally agree.

If people weren't so quick to slag off anybody who gave bad service etc, and did praise those who gave good service, it would soon be evident who were the people to do business with.


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Re:Remark to Colin (moderator)

I accept responsibility for bringing this to Colins attention and I believe he as conducted himself properly on behalf of the MLR. RSNX you have made your point, Ian knows your complaint - period!

Jerry Flint

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Re:Remark to Colin (moderator) on closing topics

Rene thank you for your post, you have mail and hopefully it will clarify the situation.

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It is human's nature for people to be more sympathetic towards others who had similar problems
with them. Many times they realise that they only promote these problems by not taking sides when
it matters and as a result they have to face the same problems in the future. Who knows, they may be
more sympathetic afterwards.

Wishing you luck,

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