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just wondering what evos are like reliability wise?, this is cuz im 18 at the minute so by the time i can afford one, 500 years or so, i imagine they will be around but with loads of miles. is this really a problem? or do they go for quite a few miles b4 busting?
cheers everyone.

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It can be done mate, i wanted one for years, now ive got 19, there is always a way!
mine has done 40k no probs

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erm jonny how can u afford to run, buy and insure one? you won the lottery or something. i tell you now theres no way on earth im getting one til im at least 26. wonder what the evo 14 will be like? :D

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Touchwood, my 6 gsr has done more than 58,000 miles. The only things that have ' gone ' have been thru wear and tear.
New front discs, and front struts. Timing belts were replaced @ 44kmiles for peace of mind.

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It has to be said, the build quality on the evo's is pretty much average 8(

Evo 4/5/6's with the brembo front brakes warp brake discs regularly (ive warped 3 sets
in a year) ; clutches dont last long ( up to 25k if your extremely careful);
gearboxes need regular oil changes (every 4k miles is driven hard) , if you
change the gearbox oil at the recommended intervals or worse, you could
be up for a new box before long.....; engine bays tend to look very sorry
for themselves after a few years if the car hasnt been worshipped
(I clean my engine bay almost once a week, use wd40); interior and seats
look shabby after a couple of years.

On the plus side, engines are very strong.

Despite the above, id say the Evo4/5/6 is probably the best all round car in
the world; its incredible on wet country lanes, great on dry country lanes,
it'll crack 160mph, its brilliant on a track, its got enough room for 4 adults,
a big boot, looks to die for (especially the red6 TME or yellow5!), its bloody safe,
incredible brakes....and most importantly....BRILLIANT fun to drive.

Oh and lets not forget, quite a bit of potential for more power,better handling, better brakes.....

If you have time on your hands, find yourself an evo that has been worshipped,
there are plenty around which are used as weekend toys, have very low miles
and are mint. Mine is an example...its done 26k miles, over-serviced,
(I change the engine oil every 2000 miles max, gearbox oil every 4k)
and soon to fit AP front brakes to avoid the terrible warping problem,
errr...but im not selling it.....ever ! ;)

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Whilst Yellow5 is right about the 4/5/6's, the 7 is a big leap forward in build quality. Although there are reports of them still suffering from disk warp, body and interior build is greatly improved.

The only other area of concern with these cars is that the paint is thinner than you would ever believe. I suspect the cars are only allowed near the paint shop rather than actually inside it :D

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:( being a poor student really sux. all you lot are talking about having these cars and what they drive like, grrrrrrrrr. by the time i can afford something like an evo i reckon we'll be on electric cars that make no noise and hover. im gonna go spend my student loan on lottery tickets now :(. its not like all of you are like old or anything either. how do you afford one and what am i doing wrong.

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How old is 28?... :D

How did I afford it? Bank loan for 20k, nice if you can persuade the bank to give it. Although being a dumba$$, I bought a 25k 6 GSR with the 5k I had saved, instead of looking around 20k and using the rest for insurance/servicing/mods... you live and learn, eh? Oh, and insurance for me was 2k on its own, although if you shop around you can get better, even at your age (put a parent on the policy, and tell 'em you have access to another vehicle, limit the milage etc.)

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