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Heres one for redline oil users.

My Evo6 is due for a oil change and I would like to try readline due to it's good reputation.

My question is which oil do I use. My car is mainly used as a weekend/ trackday car.
So is it a good idea to try a racing oil or would that give problems driving to/from track days.

Looking at what they do I would be tempted to go for SAE 30 (10W30) or SAE 40 (15W40)
Or would their normal oil be Ok, 15W50 or 20W50.


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Have used Redline 10w30 in my VI for the last 5000 miles without any problem , no tappet rattle , no smoke , nothing except a perfect running engine. Also use Redline in the whole transmission , again no problem.

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The UK importers are Delta Oil Ltd in Grantham ,Lincs , phone 01476 861195 , no website.
They do mail order and their technical guy is v.good.

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Have previously read your threads on Redline and was very impressed by their US Website and products.

Shame their UK suppliers don’t have such a comprehensive Website, with prices and suppliers.

I know it is available mail order, but it is always nice to be able to get the product locally.

As a point of interest, what oils are required for the various parts of the EVO and what quantities are required.

Your advice, as always, is appreciated.

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See thread Gearbox oil for full info.

The only other outlet I am aware of is Demon Tweeks in Wrexham.

I deal with Delta on a mail order basis with good service , if u order a reasonable amount....say engine and trans oil in one order , u cud persuade them to do carriage free , u wud then receive a nice glossy Redline brochure.
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