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Firstly, it is not without long consideration that I am putting my pride and joy up for sale. For those who have been members on here for a while, may well have seen my resto thread 6 years ago. Before I get to the detail, I’ll give you a little background on the car. It was purchased by myself in 2007 with 48k on the clock. I’m the 6th owner of this vehicle since it was imported in 2000 on a W plate. Currently sitting at 62k, which without wishing to insult intelligences, averages a little over a 1000 miles per year in my ownership.

I always wanted a red Mak and eventually settled on this one. After several years of my ownership the dreaded rot began to show itself. Finally, in 2015 I took the step to fully restore the underside of the car. As it transpired I went so,so much further. Once a plan of works were discussed, it then became apparent that a total shell restoration would be the best course of action. As I had no plans to sell the car in the near future, to me it seemed like a good plan, albeit an expensive one.

The car was totally stripped back to a bare shell. The shell was then sent away to be acid dipped. This removes every trace of paint, decal and RUST. Once the shell came back it was apparent the size of the task that was in front of me. All metal that required it was repaired. Rather than mess around with the floor pan, which resembled swiss cheese in places, it was replaced front to back with a new one. This was done with genuine Mitsi parts (comes in 2 parts). The entire shell was epoxy primed and the underside was then given an additional treatment of Raptor stone chip. This is a slightly rubbery stone chip paint that is coloured by the same colour as the top-coat. Finally, the shell was professionally painted to the highest of standards. It is a great shame that some of this paintwork is hidden under carpets etc! After spending so much time and money on the body work, it would have been wasteful to neglect under the bonnet. This being the case, virtually every component, nut and bolt was stripped, cleaned and painted. The bolts were zinc plated. The engine was painted. The wheels were stripped and powder coated. I got a flocked interior including the door cards and installed it. I like it – might not be to everyone’s taste. This being the case I still retain the original interior and door cards. The rear lights and front side lights were LED converted. All in, I spent over £30k on the restoration and have the receipts to prove. Again, if you look through the thread of the restoration, you can see the work that was undertaken throughout the process. See link below.

This is one of the infamous 212 red special colour package (SCP) vehicles and has the SNGF2 denotion on the VIN plate to prove this. This means it was a factory original red Tommi Makinen with the stripes. This car has undergone some changes over its life and there are non-standard details that no doubt will be noticed. The obvious one is the wheels, they are not the factory 17” Enkei’s. The exhaust is not factory but is an aftermarket Scorpion stainless exhaust system. Under the bonnet are some stainless elements that enhance the engine bay. The air filter is an HKS foam example and not standard. I’m sure there are other things that I’ve forgotten about.

This is an honest car and I’m a genuine seller. I’ve got nothing to hide and I wouldn’t want to waste anybody’s time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mitsubishi EVO VI Tommi Makinen Edition – W675 YBA

Spec – Under the bonnet

Standard engine internals.
HKS air filter
Greddy intercooler
Spec-R polished aluminium front suspension top mount covers
Spec-R header tank
Spec-R water pipe
Spec-R sensor heat shield
Ralliart front strut brace
Ralliart rear strut brace (not fitted)
Polished slam panel

Most parts under the bonnet taken back to bare metal and painted.

Scorpion de-cat stainless exhaust with 4” pipe

All the bolts were zinc plated.

Spec – Wheels and suspension
Compomotive MO6 old style wheels with brand new Michelin Pilot 4 tyres
Ohlins suspension – less than 2k of use
All joints fully polybushed (Superpro)

Spec – interior
Fully flocked (except headliner) inc door cards. Original interior and doorcards retained.
Ralliart floor mats
Ralliart pedals
Ralliart – rear strut brace (not currently fitted)
Ralliart – Brushed steel gear knob (original TME example retained)

Spec – security
Ralliart stickered Disklock steering wheel lock painted the same colour as the car.
Clifford Concept 650Mk2 (with 2 fobs)

Spec – aesthetics
Ralliart – mudflaps
Windscreen – sunstrip
Rear lights – LED lamps
Ralliart – sill plates.

New clutch at 50k miles approx..
New cambelt changed during restoration when the engine was out – 2k miles ago.

Negative points to reference.

  • A couple of stone chips on the front (to be expected – it does get driven!)
  • Air conditioning currently not working. It was. It wouldn’t turn off, now it won’t turn on. Doesn’t bother me as I don’t use it!
  • The AYC light pops on and off when it feels like it. The AYC pump was refurbed during the resto process and I’m told it’s a fidgety sensor that is causing the light to come on. I can drive the car one time it doesn’t come on, then the next time it does.

Finally, the price, £58,500. I know this is top of market list. However, there are few out there that have been looked after and had time spent on them like this one. You can drive this in all weathers (should you wish) confident in the underside protection it has received. The value of these cars is only going in 1 direction.

I’m still in the process of cleaning, buffing and shining for potentially the last time for, A. my benefit and B. to make the car looks it’s absolute best. Can’t deny it, there’s almost a tear in my eye.

Interior photos to follow in the next few days.

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They probably don’t come much cleaner. Good luck with the sale although I don’t think you’ll need it 👍
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I can't believe you're selling this after all the hard work you've put into it & I'm not surprised to see above a deposit is now taken. Someone is buying an absolutely mint TME 👍😎😃

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I can't believe you're selling this after all the hard work you've put into it & I'm not surprised to see above a deposit is now taken. Someone is buying an absolutely mint TME 👍😎😃
I know Sue. I've made my peace with it and its the right time for me if a buyer comes along. If not, I get to keep and enjoy the car for a bit longer.
I've had it 14 years now.

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I've followed your TME's progress since day one... It's been an amazing journey👍 I never thought I'd see the day that you sold it after all your hard work and such amazing attention to detail. It's literally as new now. I doubt you'd find another for sale in this condition with so much documented history😎
I wish you luck with your sale...I know your miss it 😃
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