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Still for sale- Red IX GT

Selling up my modified Evo IX GT with just under 46k miles, tax, MOT and FULL service history.

It has the following mods:

XYZ Coilovers
18x9.5" rota torques
K-sport 356mm 8 pot brakes

Carbon front splitter, rear spoiler, side and rear extensions, vortex generator, badges and mirrors
Debadged rear

HKS suction kit
HKS SSQV dump valve
Uprated fuel pump
Apexi boost controller
Blitz 3" downpipe
Blitz Nurspec cat back exhaust system
Autronic ECU mapped to 380/380
Twin plate clutch

Toad A606i
Tracker system installed but not currently activated

CD/MP3 player with Bluetooth, sub and amp

Will upload fresh pics ASAP but meanwhile pics can be found here:

Hoping for £15k and car is based in Glasgow and is currently off the road garaged at my parents uninsured.

I can be contacted on 07909 783 116

Thanks for looking, Keith


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Just looked through your pics on the ilovebass site. man that car looks pretty amazing. Perfect ride height. Sensible price for what looks like a complete mint GT. Very nice.:smthumbup

I have a GT and its my daily driver, well, it is when im home, but hey, we all need fun in our lives. :naughty:

GLWTS although I doubt you'll need any luck selling. :D

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Thanks for the positive comments. I am open to swaps or part exchanges for something less hardcore e.g. no double plate clutches or track day specials but still want a quick 4wd in good condition with low miles.

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Service details:
3 in Japan at 843, 3445 and 5599km
27/07/07 @ 5858 miles- cliftons
13/02/08 @ 10006 miles- APT
16/07/08 @ 12127 miles- NR Autosport
29/01/09 @ 15368 miles- APT
25/06/09 @ 18460 miles- maghera (inc gear & diff oil)
30/11/09 @ 21465 miles- maghera
29/09/10 @ 27334 miles- maghera
15/04/11 @ 33094 miles- maghera
29/10/11 @ 36832 miles- maghera
18/03/12 @ 39552 miles- maghera (inc spare plugs & timing belt)
19/02/13 @ 43795 miles- maghera.

Road tax comes in at £260 for the year

Car has two keys with fobs.
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