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Newbie + Red EVO VIII MR FQ-340 spotted in Ipswich

Hello there! Been reading the forums for a while now but have finally decided to join :) Unfortunately, I don't own an Evo (only 19!) and also unfortunately, I know a couple of members on here! :p :D One drives a Shopping car (CTR :p ) the other an Evo VIII

Due to my age and yearly mileage, the insurance pretty much limited what could get for my next car. But in the end decided to plump for a SEAT Ibiza Cupra TDi (or a Tractor as its commonly know between friends :cry: :D ). Looking forward to the huge amount of torque under my right foot! Once REVO'd anyway :D

Anyway, back to the point.

Spotted what I'm 99% sure was a red FQ340 (could've been a 320) in Hintlesham (Ipswich, Suffolk) at about 6:15pm tonight. Anyone on here?
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