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Red 340 new £29,000 or Jasper blue merc c230 £34,000

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I know they are totally different but i have had a 340 and it was a big mistake selling, so i have been looking for a new one in red, but i saw a C55 the other day and i think it is the best looking car i have ever seen but £49,000 way to much, but a dealer is offering me a new C class AMG full kit, sports brakes drilled, sports suspension, leather, memory seats. 18'' amg wheels, parktronic and loads more extras in jasper blue. I tried to get a 320 but none left so i will have settle for a 230 not as fast as a evo i know nor handling but the ride is very good and it does go quite well, my mates are 50/50, on looks the merc wins but i will be giving up a lot of performance and i have missed my 340.
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If you're missing your Evo, then buy an Evo! You could end up buying a Merc and still missing your Evo ;)

You could always buy a second hand 320...
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