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I have seen a rear strut brace fitted to an E4.
I have had a Rs brace fitted to the front,and impressed.
I was wondering that if fitting a rear brace ,would I have to drive the car a litle different,as It may give a go-cart effect.
A friend of mine did mention that I would have to throw it into a corner rather than drive it .
Any thoughts welcomed.


Paul s

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i have a omp brace on my 5 ,just feels more planted and gives more feel i would say
but no , nor i or my wife have any problem getting it into bends
your friend is obviously at the back when karting.
smoothest is fastest,particularly in a kart

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With the rear brace , no go cart effect happens?
do you drive the car differently than with the braces?
I was up at steve hills motor sport and Jonathan [don't know nick]not LtR member yet.should be though!!!
had a double brace in the boot.
1 from the suspension strut and another located at the rear of boot ,
just before the spare wheel starts.
I have noticed that there are 2 bolts ready to take this brace.
I have found that taking a round about quick ,when I boot it,I get a slight jumping of the front wheels as the car fights for grip.
I never had this before as a little drift felt more secure.
The drift I got used to,but Fitting the front brace perhaps needs a different approach with turning in the the corner?
This is why I asked about throwing the car at a corner rather than driving it in .
As if driving the car in fast the front wheels on lock will skate in straight line as car does not have roll to pitch into the corner.
A little like not having Abs skidding with wheels on lock and car not going the direction to which wheel are directed.
I guess this may be where light throttle is needed.
How ever my mate has a beamer wicked roadster ,and revs clean right to 8000 rpm smooth.
The turbo engines are a little more sensative to clean reving
keeping turbo at high revs ,so don't get the turbo punch .
which may add to under steer
Fitting the rear brace may balance this out.
But this does not answer whether I should drive the car into a bend .
Or is it just acse of getting used the the brace effect!!


Paul s
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