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Rear projection DLP tv's help.

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Hi guys, im looking at replacing my Tosh 33" TV with one of these as the tubes nearly gone pop after 9 long years of faultless ownership!

Yes i know they arnt plasma or LCD but im not made of money and also i aint impressed with plasmas many ppl have said these new DLP projectors are on par with some plasmas and they sometimes are too good for my liking! LCD 's are nice but again for the screen size i would like not a viable option.

Ok so been reading up on avforums and various net reviews and i'm very keen on this little number

44" LG RE44SZ21RD

I went to look at it today on show and was very impressed with Picture, view angle etc, lovely design not huge grey box like most RP tv's.

Does anyone here have rear projection even better if its a DLP what are your opinions of it/them?

I've heard the bulbs can be pricey and i'm not sure how easy to get hold of and install. Also i know they have life spans like any bulb how long on avergae do they last?

Am i right that the DLP sets just have the one bulb, rather than RGB bulbs?

i couldn't believe how good the pic was compared to stupidly priced big screen plasma's!

Also there are two models LG RE44SZ20RD and LG RE44SZ21RD and i having trouble finding out what the difference is between them.

Any one on here in the AV world be able to sort me out a deal?? :)

Cheers in advance

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I have a Sony Grand Wega 42" LCD Rearprojection TV and its great. (Sony KF-42SX200U)

I would recommend it... I picked it up from auction, as new for 400 notes. It wasn't working at the time, it just needed a new bulb.

They go for around 1300 normally.
I got the bulb for mine from a repair firm, they fix all sorts of TV's including Sony's. It was around £250 m8.

As for the auction, its a local one near me, where Macro get rid of there old stock.
The TV was a return one, hardly been used because the bulb was broken when it was delivered.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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