due to the opportunity of buying a new pair at a good price, I have a set (pair) of used rear coilovers OHLINS Road & Track for Evo

mounts on evo 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

mileage unknow, I already bought it used , installed on my car in april 2019 , and done approx 2500kms with this on the car (most of mileage on track), without any problem

removed from the car in march 2022.

no oil leaks, can go on your car in this state or can do a refurbishement , as you want.

Ohlins ref : MIS MI00, with 80 N/mm (8kgs) springs

good general state, no corrosion, no leak, some stone chips on the thread but without any issues (nut can be moved)

2 bad points :

  • missing 2 x M52 1.5 nut (see enclosed pics), Ohlins ref of this nut is 24636-03 , you can buy it for 50€ the two on rosssport
  • one of the rebound adjustment doesn't make "click" : the rebound ajdustment work, but you need to check the position with the other side, because you can't "count the clicks" (doesn't know if it's understandable?)

only REAR (front are not for sale)

as described, as the pictures are.

can ship but at buyer cost ( approx 8kgs for the pair of coilovers)

paypal ok, but fees for buyer.

Best regards