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My lancer Evo 2 has had a knocking noise from the back since I got her. I have replaced the drop links for the rear anti roll bar. Noise persisted.
Next we replaced the bushes in the bottom arms, (the arms that go from near the diff to the bottom of the hub) they appeared to be well worn but the noise is still there.
We now reckon that the noise is coming from the rear strut assemble. Have any of you experienced anything like this?
Next weekend we will take the strut out and investigate.

Oh and I have a Blitz filter and was glad to see that they dont let small children thru to the engine!!

'Who is this superhero?'

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I had a rear knocking noise - new anti roll bar bushes fixed it.
Though I have now noticed a fainter knocking noise - my exhaust runs pretty close to rear diff housing and occassionally knocks against it.
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