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Rear Fog Lamp MOT Issue

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I've just had my E6 serviced by a Mitsi dealer and was told that the positioning of my rear fog lamp would not pass a MOT. As the car is not an official import the rear fog lamp is located behind the rear valance (you can just about make it out through the slits). Are they talking b****ks or will I have to have one installed on the rear bumper , like they told me to? Obviously its in their best interest as they're charging £41.60 |PLS| VAT |PLS| Labour! Not only that, having a rear fog lamp attached to the rear bumper will spoil the lines of the car.....
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IMHO I think they are trying to get a sale out of you.

I fitted a £5 fog light (from Halfords) to the underside of my V bumper. There are two bolts
just under the bumper which can be used. I have seen stacks of IV and Vs like this.
This will pass the MOT with no probs, you can wip it off after :)
There is a minimum height from the ground that the foglight has to be at, many MOT testers are a bit lax with thing like this though.
It doesn't sound like gung-ho has his 'under' the bumper as he states 'you can just about make it out through the slits'
Maybe its not visible enough where it is (wherever that is - I can't figure it out!)
Gung Ho,
If your fog light is fitted behind the valance so it is shining through the slats then I think it will fail the MOT as even you say 'it is just about visible' which I believe will not be acceptable.
I suggest you move it to below the rear valance/bumper as it will still be just about legal (i.e. height from the ground) as long as you haven't lowered your suspension a lot. Its either that or fit the Ralliart fog light with a great big hole in the bumper (ouch!).
If you can't refix your original fog light then pop down to Halfords or any decent Autofactors and get a rear fog light, it should only cost £5-£6 and is easy to fit. If you don't fancy fitting it yourself then get a mate to do it who you trust. I wouldn't even consider getting the garage to do it as it is money for old rope. If you get stuck an Auto Electrician will do it for far less than the garage ever would.

Just for info the legal requirements are:
1 or 2 fog lights can be fitted.
If only one foglight fitted then it must either be in the centre line of the car or to the offside of the car.
If 2 lights are fitted they must be symmetrical.
They must be at least 100mm away from the rear brake light (thats why the reversing light into fog light bodge is illegal).
Minimum height of 250mm from the ground.
Maximum height of 1000mm from the ground.
An illuminated switch or warning light must be fitted.
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Many thanx for the info folks... Looks like I'ill be paying Halfords a visit this weekend.

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