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Hi folks.

After my recent 4.5k service mitsi told me that my rear pads were a bit thin on my E6. Rather than paying them a fortune to do the work I thought that I'd do it myself. Bought new rears for £50 from Questmead and subsequently fitted them. Whilst fitting I noticed that they were a bit tight in the caliper but didn't think much about it. How wrong can you be. After about 500 miles there was a god awfull amount of vibration and I thought that I might just have warped my Dragon fronts!!. On closer inspection the rear wheels had a thick coating of brake dust and I've just remove the pads, which proved quite difficult as they were jammed in the calipers.

To cut a long story short, if you fit new pads make sure that they can move freely in the calipers to stop them sticking on and causing damage. I've trimmed the pads slightly using a grinder and they fit much better now. I'm hoping that if I get the discs hot they might recover, but I'll have to wait and see. It might prove an expensive leson in how not to DIY.

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