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Hey hey ! day off work and a local bash around wroughton airfield.
2 mile long ,3 hair pins ,one tight hairpin ,2 chicanes , 1 tight chicane .1/4 mile straight ,hill straight.
Laid out to bollards, mix of cars ,inc power eng RSX 6,ummm couldnt leave my 4 and , he was running near slicks ,and me SIDEWAYS!!!tyres queeling like a live hog on a spit.
Who gave a **** about hair pins dropping from 110 mph 100 yrd breaking .
Just the feeling of the car wanting to understeer letting off and sliding it into the hair pins ,coming out full throttle ,drifting .FANTASTIC.
Fortunateley if you over done it ,there was a run off at the main 2 hair pins ,bollards interfering.
Fun day
cars included Porche 911 rs ,donuted twice at hairs pins ,but quick.
rsx 6 EVO quick ,but not quick enough.
My E4
few caterams all worried if they would blow up due to non dry sump motors.
nissan zx 300 ?
lotus elise 160 brake ,lowered [still great through corners] but shagged it through the gears.
Vauxhall Ferenza [nice site]well kept,sideways.
new baby merc
Volvo something saloon.
TVR Chimera ,
TVR 's are a bag of **** ,no one really know s how to drive them .WHY FKING BOTHER.
I must admit being a novice driver ,there are a couple of cars I am starting to respect with drivers of my ability .1 is the lotus elise for its handling and braking ability.
The other the Porche 911 old styleee!! for sheer power ,looks, sidewaysness,and those that can afford to send them donutting and not worry too much that its a porche.
Looking forward to CHADWELL!! said in a welsh accent.

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Hi Paul

It was a pleasure to have you there on the day and you drove really well. And I am glad you enjoyed yourself so much.

The next day is on May 24th again at Wroughton. Still loads of tracktime, still the best staff around and an excellent circuit layout. Some space is still available - pls call 0870 787 2116 if you are interested.

We will be announcing new dates and venues soon.

Take care

Ed Moore

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Cant'make the next bash as my car has only a 4 speed box now.
Can't be bothered to get it fixed yet,as too many commitments else where.
Keep me informed of other stuff though !,you have my mail address .

cheers for now

Paul s

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can you tell me where is the place and charges and the person to contact? I may be interested to have a go.



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You can contact Ed moore on

0870 787 2116.

Gripwood farm
Jones hill
Bradford on Avon
BA15 2EF

Airfileds are good for trying to donut.Loads of run off ,and no worries if you overcook the bends.
Does give a sence of freedom to let it all loose with out fear of barriers
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