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After all the message re gearbox oil I believe I may have become a victim of this problem, albeit pre Evo VI ownership. I'm going to ask the guy's at Ralliart and see if they think the problem was caused by this as I'm no mechanic but it sounds like the problems being described.

I bought my Evo VI from Ralliart UK (cheers guys, good deal, great service as ever :)), but there was a terrible whining from the gearbox which I was told would be sorted before I purchased the car. The car had originally been sold by them to a Doctor and even with my amateur knowledge of cars I could tell it hadn't been caned to death.

Ralliart did a superb job and fixed the box under warranty so no cost to myself and all has been great since (thanks again Ralliart guys :))

I have now checked the service sheets that came with my Evo, as the Doc had religiously kept every invoice and receipt and service schedule. As I said, I'm no expert but I can't see that the gearbox oil had been replaced, even though it was serviced by a Mitsubishi garage (NOT Ralliart UK I have say).

The Evo had done 21000 when I bought it. The service sheets all state replace gearbox oil at 45000 miles or 60 months. I think I may have been a victim of this problem.

Does it sound like the same thing? It does to me, but as I said, I'm certainly no expert. :)

My advice, as the fix took a couple of days and would no doubt be expensive, is to check with your dealer/service agent and just tell them to change the oil anyway, I guess it doesn't hurt to have it changed more regularly does it?

Hope some of this helps you guys.

Davy T
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