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Hi,some people were interested in what I was considering for the next stage on my TME.

RC Developments are currently testing some new components on their Demonstrator.The basis of the new package is the Apexi Power FC ECU.Clive at RC is testing this on their demonstrator,to do a back to back test at Oulton Park on the 23rd,to compare there performance on track,with their last visit in Dec.

I will be having the new package fitted,as soon as the development and testing is complete.Clive won't use a customers car for development,as they want any tuning package they do ,to be throughly tested on their demonstrator to make sure performance gains give value for money,and the engine operates within safety parameters.

I cant give any more detail at the moment other than to say the new package will be quiet unique in its application,will use standard engine internals,will give substancial power and torque gains,and will be relatively inexpensive,compared with what one would normally have to spend to achieve such power.

I know I am promoting RC,my reasons are purely because,I have found a tuner I can trust,they are good honest people,with excellent technical knowledge and I feel it is important to make members aware of this.As it is equally important to make members aware if one experiences problems with ones chosen tuner,and you can rest assured if I did experience problems with RC you would all be the first to know.

Lee is happy with Dragon,Simon is happy with Ralliart,Tony has been happy with PE .Their are other tuners I have not mentioned that also come highly recomended,and this recommendation assists new members in choosing their first tuner.WE have to be carefull where we spend our hard earned cash.We also have members who tune their own cars,and I listen to many of them,I dont have the ability to turn a spanner so I have to use a tuner.I will keep you all posted on the progess of my car as we go along.

If anyone wants to come to Oulton Park you will be very welcome,and their will be passenger rides in th RC Demonstrator and Warrender cars,hope to see you their,it will be a good day,and its a Saturday even better:)

PS,I think Blade will be coming in his Trackday Beast,and if he is that will round of an exciting day,Blade had problems with his car last time he was there,so this time Im sure we will be able to enjoy the true performance of his car.

Peace and Love Barry

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nice one mate, wouldnt mind having a chat with u about the power fc at the mimms meet next week...


ps. whats a spanner :)

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As you know, I am not a particular fan of Apexi electronics but this bit of kit does look to be good. From what I can see, it seems to have slightly less functionality than a Gems but what it has could even be better - the Commander unit, for instance. As you say, I am committed to the Ralliart route which will mean the Gems (cost £1400) but I look forward to hearing about the results from the Power FC. Good luck with your car.

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Barry, very well said mate. The Commander bit of the kit does look good. It has been around a while, so it is strange that no one has used it or commented on it before - is it only recently that they have made an EVO version? I will be sticking with GEMS only because it suits me better with some of the features. Suggest for road users this Apexi unit may become the best choice.

Commendable of Clive and RC to tune packages that way. The same is true of Ralliart. PE, MAD etc. Guess we are really blessed in many ways with a decent selection of tuners to pick from. Seems like the real decision we have to make is a geographical one.

Interesting to see what this new RC package is - they haven't been spying on Custard have they??? Lol! Perhaps Custard will release his package one day - the Custard 400 !

I would love to come up to Oulton, but it won't be possible as my car will be getting mapped with the new GEMS at that time. Also, all the places went really quickly on that day. I am there in March, but I am sure I will see you at Cadwell - perhaps you can get RC to bring their car to that (I am sure they will). Don't see why I shouldn't have a ride in it! I depserately want to break my Oulton duck though. Between the car, the tyres and my driving - it was a disappointing day for me. Never felt like I even began to get the hang of the circuit. I will do Oulton at least 3 times this year.

I am hoping that the latest round of mods will be the last (ish) and that I will be getting 450bhp. Dunno if I will, but I am optimistic! Then I will drive, drive, drive and enjoy -which is what we should all do (in your own Evo's of course :D) ! Roll on the summer, roll on trackdays, and roll on fun in our EVOs!

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Typical me, but I don't think my decision was a geographical one! I probably couldn't have picked anyone further away from me than RC!


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I've also got some great news that RC have agreed to sponsor some great prizes and trophys for the top ten shootout at Alconbury on July27th, and have kindly agreed to bring a few modded evos along, including their own demonstrator, to take part on the day. This is in addition to them supporting the MLR day at Castle combe as well, which is superb.

in addition, they have also agreed to sponsor the GTI-R and scooby trophies on the day.

many thanks to Clive and Jenny at RC for their support for the event and for Evo tuning!
chris mann
200 plus.

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Forgive my lack of knowledge, but does this new Apexi unit replace the existing boost and A/F units, so that it is an All-in-one, similar to link, Gems, etc.

Any idea of pricing?

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