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Hi, could someone please give me a link to the ratios for the EVOs II and III.

I found some for the late models but none for the earlier versions.


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For the Evo 2 and 3 they are:

They are:
First 2.750
Second 1.684
Third 1.160
Fourth 0.862
Fifth 0.617
Reverse 3.166
Final drive 5.433

The E1 has slightly different ratios for first and second (2.571 and 1.600), possibly to take account of the larger tyres specified on the E2/3 as standard (205/60x15 compared to the E1's 195/55x15)

RS and GSR had the same ratios - No different gear-ratio and diff options like you get from the 4 onwards.

Hope that helps.

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Thankyou TonyC much appreciated. I am surprised that the GSR and RS versions are the same.
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