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Come on then guys n gals who does the best rally day?

How much?
How long behind the wheel?

The Tangerine Evo6 one looks good.

Comments appreciated


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Dont know who does the best one now, but just to say that i went on one at Silverstone (John Watsons Rally school) if i remember, a few years back, well run great time and Pug 309's, oh yea forgot, my instructor was a certain Richard Burns!!!! which was nice.....

I have heard that Jonathan Palmer's Motosport sensation at Bedford Autodrome is ment to be good, they have six Evo 6's for their driving course. Anyone been one one yet??? would be interested to know how it went an how much!!!

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It's been a long time since I did one (10 years or more?) but they are great fun.
I will have to chase Darin up as I asked if he would consider arranging such a day with his old 'mate' Pentti for MLR members.
Check out , they pretty much tailor the day to what the customers want and yes you do get instructed by Pentti. Maybe it will cost a bit more than others but it is centrally located (Oxfordshire) and you do learn from a master ;)

Remember the Extreme review on Driven? Pentti could certainly make that car dance ;)
Penny Mallory : Oooooohhhh Pentti I thought we were goin to crash!!!! :D
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