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WOW am I impressed with this.

Xbox arrived today with 7 games but 6 of em are still shrink wrapped. The reason? Cause Rallisport Challenge is so bloody good! I've owned most of the systems over the years and have bought Rally games for pretty much all of them but this takes things to the next level. The graphics are amazing (buy a decent RGB Scart lead though and bin the crapola thats included in the box) and the sound is fantastic too.

The above said RGB Scart lead also has a digital optical socket built in to. Connect this up to your surround amp and you have full Dolby Digital 5.1 although this is only available on certain games, thankfully this being one of them.

The handling of the cars is pretty much spot on. I started off in a Toyota Corolla but then moved onto the EVO 6. The difference in the handling was amazing - I could actually control the E6!!!!

Damn, it's 3:30am and I have to be up again in a few hours but I have to have another go before bed. This is brilliant. You must own it.

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I saw a review on TV of this and was also impressed with the different types of rallying and the cars available.
I belive it includes normal Rallying, Rallycross and Hillclimbing (Pikes Peak etc.)?
I thought there were loads more cars available but when I saw the box it only says 25 but that does include some group B monsters :D
(What group B cars BPBag?)
I would love to try Pikes Peak in the Audi or 405 T16

This would be the only game currently that would presuade me to get an XBOX (bit like GT3 on the PS2) but I heard the game wasn't coming out until 15th May....grrr...saw it in the shops yesterday border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

I thought everything was better than WRC on the PS2? I never bothered to get as I heard it was a bit naf.

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nah, a good fun game.......may not be super realistic but addictive all the same, i prefer it to GT3

mail me your address off board and i will post it down, so you can borrow it.


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Trivia Moment:

A number of the sound recordings for the group B cars in this game were made at the Rally Supercar Day last year (6R4, Quattro and amp; RS200). One of Bill Gates men flew over to supervise the recordings.

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