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Working with Evo's every day could never be just a job but since selling my RS450 I have been trying to decide how to enjoy motoring again.

Without starting another aggro thread, I have to say that trackdays are not my cup of tea and using the Extreme S every now and then is fun but I do need my licence!

So the answer is that I now have a VI RS that I am planning to use on some proper rallies next season. I have suffered this madness before, but it is 8 or so years since I drove a rally car competitively so the deal is first and foremost to enjoy. The car is halfway built and will be Clubman Group A - which means quick but no trick components. Paying for this is funded by me so no 6-speed X-trac gearboxes!

With all the aggro on the board recently, I still think that MLR and its members are mostly here for their interest in Evo's and its rally heritage. I am looking for a navigator and service crew so I thought I'd post this in case anyone wants to be involved. Some of the boys at Ralliart UK are of course helping and I've press ganged a few of our suppliers to help!

In addition I'll post what we do to the car if anyone is interested.

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Would love to be involved apart from one small problem, I haven't got the first frickin' idea about being in a service team or being a navigator!!! :) In fact, service team wise I haven't got any idea about mechanics and engineering at all! Shame, would have been good to be part of something like that!

However Mark, I would like to wish you well with your rallying efforts and if you could post when you're going to be driving I'd like to come along and watch! Any chance of a web site perhaps where you can post dates, results, progress of car build etc etc? (As if you hadn't got enough to do!! :))


PS - May be in at Ralliart a little later so will say Hello!

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Im up for the navigator job !

How much does it pay and amp;lt;ROFL and amp;gt; !

No, seriously, im interested as long as you are pretty quick, id hate to doze off
with boredom.....

Justin Foden
[email protected]

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If yellow 5 doesn't fancy it I'd have a go at the navigating. I did it about 4 years ago for my brother (before he stuffed it into a wall in wales at 2:00am) - Wasn't my instructions ! I told him it was muddy and to ease off :D
Trouble was it was road rally's not stage. Ah well, at least you know I've a strong stomache, even if I'd have to learn how to do pace notes. LOL


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Mark/ Dragon,
I'm competing again in the BTRDA National tarmac championship next year in my Evo 6 RS group N, Good value smooth rallys, allround UK. Could share service costs we carry lots of spares for evos etc, with us.
Give us a call on 07973 430 950, or see you at Snetterton track day this Sunday?
all the best splodge, RogerRally

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Why is it when a mate of mine years ago said come around the world you'd be great doing it.and when I was offered a job for more money than now to move to another part of the uk .
And to have a chance to get involved with an interesting project like a rally ,I always have commitments .
Fk it i'm going on the social next year ready for an adventure .
wouldn't mind being involved if sundays are available.
Totally p1ssed off now .

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Update as at January 17th:

Found a co-driver in Steve Griffith (ex Peugeot Junior Team) and the car is being built in between everyone else's service work!

Basic spec as follows:

Evo 6 RS, seam welded, T45 roll cage, bag tank, Proflex Jumbo suspension, 5 speed dog box, Kaaz diffs, 6pot AP front, 4 pot AP rears, GpA engine with HKS cams, 34mm restictor, Gems ECU.

Planning to contest the National Tarmac Championship which consists:

Tour of Epynt 10th March
Tour of Cornwall 13/14th April
Manx National 10/11 May
Millbrook Stages 3rd June
Jim Clark Stages 12/13/14 July
Mewla (Epynt) 25th August
Wexfodr Stages 14/15th September
Cheviot Stages 20th October

Of course the car will be sporting MLR stickers and if you decide to come along, please say hello - I'll be the one in the toilets!
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