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Update as at January 17th:
Found a co-driver in Steve Griffith (ex Peugeot Junior Team) and the car is being built in between everyone else's service work!

Basic spec as follows:

Evo 6 RS, seam welded, T45 roll cage, bag tank, Proflex Jumbo suspension, 5 speed dog box, Kaaz diffs, 6pot AP front, 4 pot AP rears, GpA engine with HKS cams, 34mm restictor, Gems ECU.

Planning to contest the National Tarmac Championship which consists:

Tour of Epynt 10th March
Tour of Cornwall 13/14th April
Manx National 10/11 May
Millbrook Stages 3rd June
Jim Clark Stages 12/13/14 July
Mewla (Epynt) 25th August
Wexfodr Stages 14/15th September
Cheviot Stages 20th October

Of course the car will be sporting MLR stickers and if you decide to come along, please say hello - I'll be the one in the toilets!

[email protected]

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If you need any rally stickers designing I would be able to help.. Give me a mail if you need anything on those lines... (Sticking to MLR Logos ofcourse)

I can show you some work I have been doing..

And gl with the car..

[email protected]
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