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Does the Ralliart Sports ECU fit the Evo 5, Coordsport say no.I have however heard people talking about running it in a 5.Any comments out there?Also anyone had their 5 re mapped at Power engineering? if so were you happy?

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The V ecu is not locked like the VI , so it can remapped by conventional means , also various companies market ecu upgrades for the V.

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Are they different ?,I was told the wiring had to be adapted but diddn,t know that

Who makes them for fives then,
Sounds interesting !

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I can say that the ralliart sports ecu works on the evo v as I had one fitted to mine!
Thats the story.

Claudius(evo vi rs2)bought the ralliart sports ecu and get it fitted with a smaller restrictor to increase the boost a little,but his evo vi was completely standard with no exhaust or air filter.
He didn't have any improvement,he lost some acceleration compared to the standard ecu.

The same night he put the standard ecu back,and we decide to try it on my evo v rs.
It has the full supersprint exhaust system,hks racing suction kit and pe fuel pump.
We fit the ralliart sports ecu on my evo v without any problem,we took off the grommit and put the restictor back(I had fuel cuts before)to get more boost and we went for a test drive!

There was a real performance improvement especially top end,and the revs were going up really fast!
I keep it for a few days and it was working perfectly!

Now Claudius put it back on his evo vi border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >,he have a modification of the wastegate to have more boost,and now it works fine,but not as fast as mine with the ralliart ecu.

That's because the ralliart ecu is programmed to be fitted with a free flow exhaust and air filter,and off course because of the increase made by the muffler and air filter themselfes.

The number of the evo vi standard ecu was not the same of the evo v ecu,but maybe it's because my evo v is an rs and Claudius' is an rs2.
The evo vi rs2 did not start when the ralliart ecu was fitted,they had to do a fast mod.
They just took some electrical cable and did a sort of bridge between two connections
somewhere near the back of the central console.
On the evo v rs we didn't do that.

I will probably buy the ralliart sports ecu for my evo v rs,as it was working really well.
If you have the choice I would suggest the motec m48 ecu upgrade,but its more expensive as all the other programmable ecu used in gr.n(gems,tdd,link).

My first choice for the non programmable ecu would be the ralliart one as I had the occasion
to try it and i'm now sure of the result.

The BLITZ ecu was about the same price of the ralliart(£800),but someone posted a topic and he sayd that ther was no real improvement and he send it back!(did he had an exhaust and filter? Was the boost pressure higher?Don't know!)

I would trust in the MINE'S ecu but you should order it from Japan!!!
You can order it from upauto,but it will be quiet expensive.

I don't know about the improvement of the power engineering ecu,in their web page it's not really clear(stage 1 upgrade 280bhp,it's the standard power!?!),but I don't really care about using 95ron fuel,and you only have your ecu reprogrammed for the same price.

If you take the ralliart sports ecu you have a complete new ecu,and if you have a problem or you want to sell your car you can put the standard one back.

Anyway it works on my evo v rs.

Hope this helps[img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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PS.The Link ecu is cheaper than the motec and others,but has to be programmed specially for your car from br developments.

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Maxi......just as a general point any programmable ECU will need to be programmed for your specific car, not just the EvoLink ECU as you've stated above. However(and I don't know about MOTEC and others)the EvoLink is programmed with a basic map which enables you to start the car and is safe to potter around with slowly. It is not supposed to be a map ready for immediate performance testing. You need a specialist to do the mapping work for you.

For those considering an ECU change and live in the UK, I can strongly recommend the EvoLink (mapped by BRD) as serious option to consider.

The PossumLink for the Impreza probably hit the UK market big time about 18 months/2 years ago and is now regarded as probably the most all rounded performance upgrade you can buy. It is basically the same product for the EVO.

If you want confirmation do a search on the for Link ECU which gives a good indication of how well regarded the product is. It is of particular attraction to many because tinkering is possible (if you know what your are doing) via the hand held tuning module which allows timing boost and fuelling to be changed as you drive. You can also download maps into your PC and there is a datatrap and serial link for data logging if you want. What more could you ask for!

I am only telling you this because I amazed at the improvement in performance its given my VI which is not mapped to its full potential but hits 1.35 bar at about 3500 rpm and this boost doesn't waver until you either lift off or hit the red line. It is a truly stunning improvement over the stock car.


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I did that correction about the link ecu just to say quckly that it was less expensive than other programmable units!

I know that any unit has to be programmed on your car,but It seems that motec can supply a unit with standard upgraded map for the evo,that is off course not as good as a taylor made mapping.
Also there are many people around that have access to the motec units and can programm it,
but br developments told me that I couldn't buy it if I dont bring my car to uk,to make them able to do the settings.

I don't know if other people can,but anyway I have no doubt of the good quality and improvements of the Link ecu!

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What was the low down torque like with the Ralliart ECU fitted in your Evo V?
I'm considering fitting this ECU to my VI - only mods currently being an HKS Hyper system and a Ralliart filter. I'm not interested in high-end horsepower - just low down torque...

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Maxi ,and others thanks for your advice on this matter.I too have an 5 rs and I think I will now opt for the ralliart ECU.

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Just a word of caution - in the Ralliart catalogue the ECU does not have the V symbol next to it that indicates it will fit an Evo V. Don't know if there are any issues - Maxi has obvioulsy tried it without any apparent problems, but it's worth checking out.


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Evilution,you are right I've never seen some official ralliart text talking about the sports ecu fitted on the evo v.

So I have no idea if there could be any problems.I can just tell you that it works and the car will start without modifications on the evo v rs,that there are no more fuel cuts when you have more boost,and in a few days I didn't have any problem.

Well,I had a little problem but I don't think it was because of the ecu,I had to change a spark plug cap(dont know the exact name of the part),as it was loosing electricity and the car was running on 3 cylinders.But I was on the way to go to a rally team so I just did a few miles and then get the part changed.

Now,I think I will buy a ralliart sports ecu because the improvement,but don't forget that it will make a big difference only if fitted with full exhaust,air filter at higher boost!

If you just want to change the exhaust air filter and ecu,I think that the ralliart sports ecu is a good choice,but if you want to have more than 340bhp,it's better to upgrade the pistons and conrods.If you do that it will be quiet expensive,but it will allow you to turn up the boost a little more and to fit a turbo kit,so what I'm saying is that if you want to go for bigger upgrades,Buy a MOTEC M48 ECU,it's more expensive but it's reprogrammable and it can include als.

Matthew,I think that with a full exhaust system you loose some low end torque but yo will have better mid and high end power.Anyway the car is much faster.

I don't know if the ralliart sports ecu will improve the low end torque,but it will work ok only if you have the full exhaust fitted and if you do then it will not loose any low end torque with the ralliart ecu.The mid range and high range will be even better and the revs will go up quicker.

If you really want to have low end torque the MOTEC is probably better as they can program it for your requests,but it would cost twice the price of the ralliart.

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Hi all,
its hard making a decision with all the different ECU's out there. I liked the idea of the Ralliart sports ECU but its not programable and have heard that the car can run lean with this ECU(not trying to start any controversy just wondering if this is true), but the results for this ECU on the southern R/R day were very good. The Evolink seems very good, but how mappable is it compared to the motec m48, I must say that the Evolink Ecu is brilliant value, Steve P could you give some more input about your conversion etc.The general feeling seems to be that the motec is the ultimate but cost is high too. Please can anyone who has any of these ECU's or any other give some input as I'm getting a headache trying to decide which to go for.

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C2GSR....I know through personnel experience that by progressively changing various aspects of the exhaust and induction on the car can have a profound effect on performance and most notably boost. With so many different bolt on performance parts available, use of differing grades of fuel, differing climatic conditions, and differing driving uses and styles I find it difficult to comprehend that anything off the shelf can optimise your cars performance and do it safely.

Afterall we are looking at hikes of 50 plus BHP (claimed) from these kind of ECU's and it would be nice to know what is happening to boost timing and fuelling in the process.

The only certain way of ensuring that the Ralliart Sports ECU (or anything similar) performs safely and efficiently in your specific car is to add a KnockLink, LambdaLink and EGT and see how it performs. The trouble is if is it doesn't perform correctly running lean, overheating or knocking (some symptoms already sighted on this BBS) then potentially you've wasted 900 quid, and if it does operate correctly you won't know whether performance is optimised. Sadly the power of marketing means the name is all to some, so I expect most of this will fall on deaf ears.

I think the case for the programmable ECU is well made though.

As to which programmable ECU I believe the principle differences (between EvoLink) is that the MOTEC system uses a bigger brain and thus has more tuning diversity. It is also significantly more expensive. However the key point about programmable ECUs is that the state of tune is only ever as good as the tuner and a badly tuned MOTEC would not match a well tuned EvoLink for example. Whether a well tuned Evolink would be as good as a well tuned MOTEC is another debate, but there is a saying that bigger is not necessarily better. Afterall the Evolink is pretty complex with 96 adjustable fuel zones and 96 adjustable timing zones which become 32,000 micro zones after interpolation (sorry crib from manual). Have a look at the online manual for the PossumLink (for the impreza as I can't find Evolink but much the same) as an example of the ECU's complexity click here. The Evolink incidently is a complete replacement ECU and plugs into the standard cars wiring harness.

For road use the EvoLink is pretty much plug in and go. The operation of all auxiliary devices like A/C, cooling fans etc are already programmed into the unit where I believe the MOTEC has to be assign channels for each operation and programmed accordingly. The MOTEC has to be programmed on a computer and the changes uploaded to take effect. The EvoLink can be tuned via the tuning module on the hoof and changes are made instantaneously. I should point out that the tuning should be carried out by a specialist unless you are prepared to risk serious engine damage.

Having said all of the above the actual day to day running of the car is much as it is with the standard ECU. Starting is slightly different in that you have to wait a few seconds for the system to initialise and tickover is slightly less even. What is most noticeable is the constant stream of power under acceleration. It pulls as strongly at 3500rpm as it does at 7,000rpm, and you know that fuelling, timing and boost are being controlled correctly at all times. In the event that you think any of these parameters are incorrect for some reason like very cold weather, or that you've changed an exhaust or something these can be reprogrammed accordingly. The other point worth mentioning is that I get slightly better fuel economy than the stock car, yet I have significantly more power. Circa 210 miles per fill up (say 40 litres).

Probably the best point about the EvoLink is its installation. With BRD, in anycase, you are totally involved with the setup and tuning of the car (you'll be doing the driving) and sitting alongside you is the most well respected programmable ECU expect in the Northern Hemisphere. It is not usual in the motor industry to come away with such satisfaction (Dragon Autosport excepted).


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Although on the current Ralliart catalogue ,the IV or V symbols does not show on their current catalogue.
But it could be the time of catalogue published, becasue EVO become an official UK car is on the VI..

I had an early puished Japanese Ralliart catalogue back in 1996 , they did have a Sport ECU for the IV , hence I don't think the V is going to be missed out on the upgrading list.

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Thanks alot for that. What you have said is very interesting, I think the motec is out of my league but the EvoLink sounds just what I'm looking for. Hopefully I should make my final decison very soon

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Would I be right in thinking that this is the system fitted to the 'RS Sprint' from Ralliart, fitted with exhaust and HKS induction kit to give around 340bhp ?

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The RS Sprint did not have an ECU change - just a Toney Cox derived boost upgrade. Same as their lates luverly offering the RS2 Mak derived Monte Carlo. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

All at Coordsport/Ralliart very informative today. Frightened at the price of a MOTEC ECU - decided on the Sports ECU instead. However, the guru's mentioned that the standard ECU would give 1.25 Bar. But the Sports could give 1.5 bar with all the right mods on the car! One being the ARP bolts - which meant that my car had to stay overnight for the sump pan to be rebonded.

All staff excited about the forthcoming EVO VII and it's derivatives (eXtreme). Also liked the well priced Pajeros!

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I just received the Ralliart Sports ECU, when I installed it, the car wont start. I've read in this forum that you need to hardware 2 connections. Can somebody help me on this. I do have a E6 TME.

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Hi raven

I had the same problem on my 6. Take off the plastic on the left side of the center console in the foot room (two screws and a few clips I think). There's a white plastic thing with 2 wires attached to it. Short circuit this thing by putting a wire from the other side and the car will start.
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