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Hi all,

I have spoken to the PR manager of Ralliart HQ down in Rugby. (This is the place that prepares the WRC Lancers and previous to that the group A lancers for Makinen.)

He would be happy to have 30 of us down there for a full factory tour. It would be sometime in February towards the end of the week commencing the 17th.

The tour would last approx 1 hour, 2 groups of 15 people would start at different ends of the factory and meet up in the middle.
We would be able to see the Lancers been built for the Rally of Corsica.

So, who's up for it ?

30 people max, on a week day (probably) towards the end of the week commencing the 17th February.

First come, first served.

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I'll be up for this one too, would be very interesting. Put me down as two peeps.

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If there are still places please could you put me down for 2 tickets please ..
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