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Ok, updated list is as follows :

Me x 1
evoknieval x1
andyf-rsx x 2
leelegend x 1
davyt x 2
screemin x 1
ryan x 1
bigphil x 2
wazuptommi x 1
bugsy x 2
nelly x 1
evo7 x 1
silverfox x 2
jerry flint x 2
andys x 1
manicstreetevo x 2
streetfighter x 1
jackal x 1
yellow5 x 2
robert x 1
evoboy x 1
mark5 x 1

evilution dropped out, hence 2 extra spaces.

Who's up for a midlands convoy ?

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Depending on where you are meeting for your convoy, me and Bugsy can probably join up with you for an en-masse arrival at Ralliart.


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I am up 4 it! Count me in!
I need an exact date soon so I can book work off!
Where is the convoy meeting?
I am from Bournemouth so any1 else from around me?

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Sorry mate, Ive got to keep to a max of 30 people. Will let people know if I can include them if anyone drops out.


You coming down the M6 ? Let me know and I would love to join you.

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Yeh Daz, that's the route. Me and the first ever RS450 in the UK with anti lag and all sorts so should be fun to see him spitting flames etc etc... Don't know if I'll manage to keep up in my lowly little RSX with a knackered clutch but I'll give it a go.

I'm finalising times and location with the guy and then I'll let you know what time we can get to your neck of the woods.


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G8 2 b back :)
I'm with Street...............UNLESS...............this mad mild weather hangs 'til next week and it doesn't rain , then I'm in mine........yipeeee !
But how likely is that ?

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Don't risk it, I've heard rumours that people are bring mud along just in case you bring your car out!
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