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So I've bought the pedal set. Has anyone installed these. All of my instructions are in Japanese, but it looks as thought you need a drill !!

If anyone could give some advise, it looks as though the foot rest screws to the existing plastic job, but do the new aluminium bits really bolt to the existing pedals once they've been drilled? - So much for weight reduction (is that why these things were developed?)

Also I have four plastic rings which seem to fit into the pre-drilled 5 pence piece holes (in all of the pedals), but I have loads more holes than four. - Which holes do you use these on?

Perhaps I should take a night course in Japanese!!



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Hi Naunt
My Ali pedals were installed by Ralliart in the following way.
Footrest directly to the plastic.
Accelerator straight to the existing pedal.
Brake and amp; clutch pedal rubbers remove then straght over the existing metal with four platic inserts in each.

Weight increase not reduction!

Hope this helps.

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