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thought of replacing the stock radiator cap 0.9bar (Calsonic) on my E4 to Ralliart 1.3bar cap (or should i take the 1.1bar cap instead?!) to prevent overflowing of coolant to the radiator bottle escape vent on high-revving drive. well, got to refill the radiator bottle (somehow it dropped few centimetres) after every street battle but works fine on casual drive ie. coolant stays at MAX level. my concern is, once replaced with 1.3bar cap... will the radiator unit and related components ie. hoses, water pump, able to withstand the excessive pressure which only vented/pressurized to the bottle at 1.3bar instead of factory predetermined 0.9bar?! worried it may burst these stock gadgets...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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