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Can some tell me how to replace the air-filter element in an E6.
I'm replacing the existing one with a RA item.
Will I have to disconnect the duction (airbox end) to the turbo.
It looks like a right ******* to get at !

Thanks chaps,

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You're getting as bad as Lee for needing help ;)
The panel filter should just unclip from the airbox with 2 spring clips and then put the replacement filter in the airbox instead.

I am assuming that you only need to replace the element and are keeping the existing airbox though.


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Cheers Andy, thanks for lumping me into the 'stupid group' with Lee :)

I unclipped it, but I can't get the two halves far enough apart to remoce the element.

Will try again.

Cheers And.

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Open the box clips and spread the two halves apart with one hand, using the other hand to move the panel in there and try lifting it. Before taking it out completely, look at how the existing filter is put in there so you dont put your panel filter in the wrong way.
Or maybe ask someone to hold the halves apart for you...

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and watch out for the anti-turbulence hex grid on the outlet of the air fileter leading to the air flow meter. this is very easily bent.

Please post up your comments on this filter as its a route that i'm thinking of.

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I use the RA panel filter in connection with the relocation kit, Sports ECU, Hyper Muffler. I'm very happy with it makes the induction noise quite a bit louder than with the standard filter (have the dumpvalve reversed).
Fitment and looks (the frame of the filter has the same colour as the filter/turbo connecting alloy pipe) are top. Performance wise can't tell anything as 5hp more or so is not noticable when having more than 320hp.


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